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The research activity of the group focuses on the development and optimization of metallic materials and manufacturing and forming processes in a sustainable manner, to improve the safety of individuals and the environment. The main activity of the group is carried out in the transport, energy and construction sectors. Among the metals, light alloys and their foams are considered, mainly aluminum, and high strength steels, together with reinforced or composite materials. In particular, the manufacturing processes that combine the application of high temperature and/or deformation during their manufacture and forming are of interest. Among them, fusion welding, solid state welding (FSW), brazing and creep forming are mainly considered. The aim is to combine conventional and additive manufacturing techniques to improve existing products in the market. On the basis of the development of the projects of group MESO, it is capital to establish the correlation among process parameters, the resulting microstructures and material´s properties. The strategy of the group includes both basic and technological research to generate and transfer knowledge to society and, in particular, to the industry.

The group strategy is focused in the following concepts:

- Improve the safety of individuals and the environment through the use of advanced metallic materials and components in the transport, energy and construction sectors.

- Transfer to the society, and in particular to the industry, tangible solutions in the form of patents or final developments (from the laboratory scale, through concept tests to industrial pre-series).

- Generate knowledge that facilitates technology transference to the industry and puts it into value.

- Establish strategies that facilitate the transition through the innovation "death valley" from the technological opportunity to the final products / businesses.