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MATERALIA Group maintains a leadership position at the Spanish level and an important international visibility in the field of phase transformations in steels. Its main objective is to understand the relationship among the steel processing, its structure and its mechanical properties. In this regard, they investigate the transformation mechanisms, characterize the structure of the material from the micro to the nano-scale and develop simulation tools that allow describing the physics and chemistry that govern the processes of transformation of steel and its properties under real conditions of use. In addition, this Group maintains a close relationship with the metallurgical industry for the design and development of steels for highly demanding applications. This relationship with industry, especially successful in the development of nanostructured bainitic steels, has allowed them to validate many of their computational design tools and techniques.

Currently, they contribute to find the answer to the following scientific CHALLENGES with high motivation/excitement and social impact:

  • Transformation of the steel process to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Development of alloys for an industry 4.0. based on additive manufacturing.
  • New advanced manufacturing and metal bonding processes.
  • Development of new steels for transport and renewable electricity generation.
  • Development of new materials resistant to high temperatures.