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7st Young Scientist Meeting. Current Challenges on Metals Science at CENIM


  • On the relationship of microstructure and in-use properties of nanostructured bainitic steels, by Rosalía Rementeria, CENIM (CSIC), MATERALIA Research Group, Madrid
  • Dehydration of Gypsum Rock by Solar Energy: Preliminary Study, by Marta Álvarez Leal, CENIM (CSIC), W4M Research Group*, Madrid and The Complutense University of Madrid-Faculty of Geological Science, Madrid
  • Influence of fluoride concentration and pH on corrosion behaviour and tribocorrosion mechanisms of Ti13Nb13Zr alloy in oral environment, by Ione Golvano, Associated Unit of CENIM-CSIC and University of Mondragon, Gipuzkoa

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