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4st Young Scientist Meeting. Current Challenges on Metals Science at CENIM


  • Bioreduction of iron ores. Development of environmentally friendly alternatives for metal recovery, by Laura Castro Ruiz. Grupo de Investigación en Biohidrometalurgia. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Characterization and role of the Y-Al oxides during the recrystallization process of a Fe-20Cr-6Al ODS alloy, by Gemma Pimentel Fraga. Grupo MATERALIA. CENIM-CSIC
  • Suitability of novel melt injected PLDA/Mg composites for osteosynthesis, by Sandra C. Cifuentes Cuellar. Grupo AVANZA. CENIM-CSIC
  • High strain rate superplasticity of the friction stir processed Al 7075 alloy, by Alberto Orozco Caballero. Grupo PROMECO. CENIM-CSIC

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