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Conferencia de Kamici Larbi. Universidad de Orán. Argelia

The eco-cement manufacture as ecological alternative of conventional cements: different research tracks in our laboratory .

In this conference I will present my University of Science and Technology of Oran Algeria, its different faculties and different research laboratories. Then I will present my research laboratory “Laboratory of Functional and Nanostructured Eco-Materials “, with four research groups before detailing the various aspects of my research group that I run under the name: “Elaboration of  hydraulic eco- binders from Industrial wastes “by presenting the research axes conducted in this field by my researchers.

The scientific program of the research group have as objective, the development and the physicochemical study of eco-binders (eco-cements and eco-concretes). These eco-binders are based on ecological cement (Belite cements or pozzolanic cements) composed of clinker and other active additions (natural or artificial pozzolan, or materials with physicochemical activity as ceramic waste materials, industrial glass, natural and synthetic zeolites and aluminosilicate materials). Various methods are used in the synthesis and development of these eco-cements, these methods are either already used by other researchers, or new processes developed in our laboratory (mechanical, chemical, thermal or hydrothermal methods).