The MATERALIA Group aims to be the Spanish leader in the study and modeling of solid - solid phase transformations and optimisation of mechanical properties of steels both pure thermal and thermomechanically treated.

Nowadays, The Materalia Group maintains a pole position in the national ranking of this field. Likewise, it is involved in fundamental research of Fe-base superalloys, and its possible applications to structural components, which development in Spain, and even in Europe, is rather limited as compared with the Steel.

In both types of alloys, the investigations made in the Group lead to the taylored design of materials, conceived in order to fulfill properties and established requirements "a priori" by the type of industrial application to which they are destined.

The Group tries to develop and apply new systems of simulation and modeling to the study and prediction of solid - solid phase transformations, microstructure evolution and the mechanical properties of alloys mentioned before.

Another line of investigation developed in the Group is the obtaining of nanostructures in these alloys. In this sense, nanostructured bainitic microstructures, with absolutely exceptional mechanical properties, have been already developed successfully.

Beside continuing with the efforts of theoretical investigation, that have given the scientific prestige at international level, it is the intention of this Group to maintain its traditional support to the national metallurgical industry, by means of the accomplishment of projects of applied investigation and technological development, in which the base of its scientific knowledge will be put to the service of the Spanish industry.

Topics of Investigation:

  • Thermodynamic and kinetic modelling of the iso- and non-isothermal solid-solid phase transformations in steels.
  • Solid-solid phase transformations, microstructural characterization and optimization of mechanical properties in steels and iron-based alloys.
  • Application of modelling techniques for solid-solid phase transformations, microstructures and mechanical properties in steels and iron-based alloys.
  • Design and development of advanced materials.
  • Design and characterization of High Entropy Alloys